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Scarborough Science & Engineering Week

Comments and Quotes

Scalby School

The students thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different aspects and careers for engineering with either taking part or interacting with staff from the various companies, colleges and universities involved. This was an excellent opportunity for students to discover different career paths available to them and the vast diversity that is encompassed by engineering.

 St Augustine’s

It was fun and at the same time we were learning.

It was very interesting and it gave me an insight into careers in engineering.

It totally broadened my horizons

I had a really good time and it was informative.

I stood next to the fastest car in the world and it was amazing!

Fylinghall School

I used to like science….but now I love it!

It was fun and we got to see lots of clever inventions and use some of the machines.

My favourite part was when we saw the prototype of the fastest car in the world. When it is built it will be incredible.

My favourite part was when we fired the racing cars (F1 in Schools) and I was the fastest.

It was amazing. The bit I enjoyed the most was when I did the welding. There was a computer an a screen and you wore a mask. I made the Union Jack and the course leader said that I was the best welder all week so that made my day good.